• HD-203 Transparent Hydraulic Training System: this is our most transparent product ever!.
  • PLC Training System:enables learners to develop competence in operating, programming and troubleshooting a true industrial PLC.
  • AM-201 Drive Technology: designed for development of basic drive technology using Siemens MICORMASTER 420 inverter
  • AT-205:designed based on the training requirements in industries with a medium to high level of automation.
  • Classroom Response System: promotes and implements active and cooperative learning

PC-101 Basic PLC Training System


The Basic PLC training system is a training platform for PLC programming, which can be applied to the teaching of the basic courses related to PLC. LOGO! from Siemens performs small-scale automation tasks

more quickly and free up space in the switch cabinet. With 8 basic logic functions and 31 special functions, the LOGO! logic module can replace a large number of conventional switching and control devices. LOGO! now is even more versatile for analog value applications and simple control tasks. LOGO! has already become the examination standard in many schools and training centers.


The PC-101 training system contains everything you need to enter the world of the universal and innovative logic. The PC-101 training system designed for the development of basic skills such as:

  • Concepts and principles of sequential circuits based on relays
  • Principles of PLC programming languages: Ladder and FBD
  • Design of simple sequential circuits using Siemens LOGO!

The most important components:

1x LOGO! 230 RC or LOGO! 24RC

1x LOGO! Power

1x LOGO! DM8 Digital Input/Output Module

1x LOGO! USB PC cable

1x LOGO! Soft Comfort



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